Bear Contractors, Inc.

Fire Alarm Systems



Fire Detection & Alarm

Bear Contractors, Inc. provides everything from a four-zone panel to a large, networked system for fire, carbon monoxide, smoke and heat detection. We also offer high-sensitivity and specialty hazard detection.

Fire Suppression

When it comes to fire suppression, we deliver with automatic, wet, dry, pre-action and deluge pipe sprinkler systems. Our clean agent suppression systems include FM-200, CO2, Halon, Novec 1230 and Argonite. We also offer the latest in gas, foam and water mist suppression systems.

Passive Fire Protection

Our complete line of passive fire protection services saves lives and helps our customers proactively maintain compliance with their respective life safety codes and standards. We offer customizable solutions including fire and smoke damper inspections, fire damper and smoke damper repairs, fire door inspections, firestop survey and installation and photoluminescence egress marking systems. To help you manage your compliance and make maintaining your system even easier, we also offer a wide range of reporting that’s easy to use and easy to implement.