Bear Contractors, Inc.

Fire Sprinkler Systems



Experience means value when it comes to commercial fire sprinkler systems. Our experienced fire sprinkler team at Bear Contractors, Inc. brings hands-on knowledge to every solution as your single source for code information, system improvements and maintenance. With just one call to Bear Contractors, all your fire and sprinkler systems can be completely managed.

Our experienced team will work with you to assess your system and develop a complete sprinkler services program that meets your unique business needs. Then Bear Contractors can assist you in managing your sprinkler project along every phase from evaluation and planning to installation, acceptance testing and follow up services including helping you avoid unplanned and unbudgeted costs. We’ll ensure that it all meets local and national code and help you manage any other specific requirements.

Our solutions can scale to meet a broad range of commercial clients including high-rise office buildings, hospitals, financial institutions, government agencies, schools, museums and retail establishments. But no matter how large the client, you’ll never lose the responsive, personal touch of our team.